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As 2018 draws to a close, it is the way of things to look at the year past, and then look ahead. A look behind… My main tech experience this year has been using the PixelBook as my main computing device. This for the most part has worked out well. Everything I needed to do I figured out a way to do it under ChromeOS, and most of the time it was as easy to do as under Linux.
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First week of the new year is behind us, and how are things looking? Well, aside from the cold over the weekend, I think things are going okay. I have not done formal resolutions for a while, but I have tried to improve myself, and sometimes a new effort matches up with the calendar. Aside from my New Year’s Day Post
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Note- This is late due to software breakage Just a quick note before the end of the year to wish everyone a happy Christmas, holidays, and/or New Year!
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So, the current gig is not what I expected when I interviewed. While the people working there are dedicated, intelligent, and hard-working, the fit is not right for me. I’m going to rhetorically vote with my feet and go elsewhere — in the words of the immortal and beloved Snagglepuss, “Exit, stage left.” Starting November 21, I will be transitioning into a new roll. The new gig is a home-coming of sorts, as I will be re-joining GTI at JPMC here in Houston, but in a different role then I was before.
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As Fall has according to the calendar, but mother nature has something to say about that. We are going on something like 13 days where the low does not get below 72F. Ug. The Fall sports have started back, with all three doing something. Soccer, Volleyball, Tae Kwan Do, and Wrestling. A very mix bag, to be sure. So, over the summer, I took part in the Windows 10 Free Upgrade on the kids machine, which turns out to be a bit of a mistake.
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Wow…summer is almost over. Three more weeks until school starts again. Need to spend more time putting pictures up from some of the trips we have done. I think there is time to squeeze another visit to the beach before school starts up, but we will see. One of the projects I have been working on is taking over web hosting for an organization I volunteer with. The old hosting was with a former member at his hosting company, but he is retiring as of the end of July, so I stepped up to host it.
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Many, many, many years ago, I went to a comic/game convention in Austin. This was pre-internet, and really pre-console gaming, so the games were all table top type. Steve Jackson Games was prototyping something called ‘Car Wars’. Pretty cool stuff. But, I never really had a chance to go back to one. Until this year. This past weekend, we went to SpaceCity Comic Con 2016. It was a hoot. Learned a few things (pay for the tickets at the door, as the line was way shorter; don’t leave the food area with food and expect them to let you back in; silly things like that).
22 May / / travel / personal
The month is almost over, and again, this site is quite. Sorry about that. Last week, I was in Austin, TX for OSCON 2016. The show was fun, and it was the first time in over 5 years that I was just an attendee instead of a presenter or booth worker. While OSCON seems to be targeted more for developers and the DevOps scene, there were a few things I could use in my current Ops role.
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Happy Leap Day! Another month has gone by, and things have been busy. In addition to all the normal crazy that is life with kids, I have been elected to the kids pre-school board of directors. Now, the oldest two no longer go there, but the youngest will be there another year, and my term is three years, so there will be a bit of time when I will not have a kid there.
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Wow...end of January already? Where has the time gone? We are already three weeks into the Winter Volleyball season, and the team is doing great. Going into last Friday's game, we are undefeated, and in second place out of 7 teams. This weekend, the boy and I did the sleep-aboard program on The USS Lexinton, and he had a blast. I did not get a chance to take too many photos, but I will see if I can get some up.
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{.align-left width=“125px” height=“125px”} Growing up in Houston, I have followed our space program off and on. I am also a big reader of Sci-Fi. So, when I heard about the Solar Sail Kickstarter Project from The Planetary Society, I jumped on board. And, while they have raised almost 4 times their goal, I think that this is a project which will have more of an impact on humanity than some of the other projects.
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Well, after 4 years (almost to the day), it is time for me to say good-bye to HP. The team I worked on is a great team who really know their stuff. However, I am a geek, and I want to be doing things with tech, and not talking about tech, and for the most part, talking is all I have been doing. I have learned a lot and was given a chance to do some [traveling <travels>]{role=“doc”} which I do not think I would have been able to do.
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As 2014 draws to a close, I look back at the year. Overall, it was a good year. The family staid reasonably health (just a case of the flu which every one of us caught). Work slowed down a bit after only three trips, and the last one was in June, but I did get to spend two weeks in London which was cool. While the work has been not what I really want to be doing, it has been interesting, and next year promises to be very interesting.
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Another Year Well, 2014 is drawing to a close. For the most part, it has been a good year with the family, but time is always in short supply. I am going to try to focus a bit more on my photography, as well as technology. We shall see. Happy new year, and make it a safe one.
01 December / / personal
Wow...missed November by that much. It was a good month, but busy with the start of the holidays and all. A bit of work in the background on some projects, but nothing to show for it. Still a new picture daily over at my photo blog, so go check it out.
23 October / / personal
Well, October is almost over already. Time flies. This fall has been very busy with non-work things. Kids in sports (with me being the coach for one of them), kids doing scouts, kids doing Y Adventure program (with me in the leadership), kids in advance classes at school. Free time, how I miss you.
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