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08 January 2014 / / sa / unix
Well, as I [mentioned before <tale-of-install>]{role=“doc”}, I was trying to install OpenBSD. Well, my main workstation died, so I have to re-purposed the OpenBSD box as my workstation running ArchLinux. I am hunting for a suitable replacement. Oh, and Happy New Year!
21 November 2013 / / sa / unix
So, I am starting a new personal project at the house, and I need a new server. As I was wanting to learn more about the BSD, I started looking around at things like FreeBSD, NetBSD, or OpenBSD. Since there was a security part, I started with OpenBSD. One of the things I noticed quickly while doing my research is that while there is a lot of documentation, they do not really seem to care about making it easy for new folks to join the project, nor are the trying to support new-fangled hardware, like bootable USB drives.