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16 February 2017 / / unix / sa
This is a quick post so I can remember these details. So, on the R810, I am currently running ArchLinux, which uses by default NetworkManager, which I have a love/hate relationship with. At my last job, I recommended removing it from our servers, as under RHEL6, it does very odd things to the network and is hard to manage. I have heard that it is better under RHEL7. But, it does let you do some really cool things.
16 June 2016 / / unix
So, in the last couple of weeks, I have had the following issues: The CMOS battery dies on my file-server (a FreeNAS box), taking it, and the zpools down with it. I fought over a long weekend to recover the data, and in the end, got it mounted read-only, and copied it off. New hardware, and new zpools, and we seem to be going again. Recovering services is taking a bit of time.
09 June 2015 / / software
So, with the migration of the AUR to version 4, I looked at the 12 AUR packages I had created over the years which I have not looked at in a long, long time. The list started out with: chronicle - A simple blog compiler written in Perl perl-leocharre-basename - Very basic filename string and path operations such as ext and paths perl-leocharre-cli2 - Some quick help for writing cli scripts perl-leocharre-debug - Debug subroutines perl-leocharre-dir - Subroutines for general directory needs perl-leocharre-strings - Combines string procedures I frequently use perl-string-prettify - Subroutines to cleanup a filename and or garble for human eyes perl-wordpress-api - Management of Wordpress API objects.
06 February 2015 / / unix / sa
And, again, I hit something which is causing massive disk performance issues. That, and suspend/resume does not work on either laptop. I would try to debug the issues, but that means learning a whole new set of tools, and I will not have time for a while. Next week, I am in week long meetings which will run late every day, and then I have to finish writing and present a training class the last week of the month.
18 September 2014 / / sa / unix
So, even though I have been starting to [work with <back2freebsd-maybe>]{role=“doc”} [FreeBSD <freebsd-switch>]{role=“doc”} [again <one-step-closer>]{role=“doc”} , I am still running ArchLinux on my workstation. And I wanted to run a script I wrote a long time ago to support a website of mine, which I have not updated in a while. The way I would update the site is by doing some batch editing of photos, park them in a directory, and then run my script which pushes the photos to the web server, and then interfaces with the CMS software to schedule the posts and all is good.
07 May 2008 / / software / unix
Command-Line blog posts So, it only seems fitting that I should talk about a command-line interface to posting on this blog. No, I do not mean using links (was at links.twibright.com) or the like, but a way to post from the command line. So, this post is being typed up in vim on my Fedora 8 laptop. I will use this great little tool I found called wppost to post. wwpost is part of the perl module WordPress::Post.