Still Alive

As we enter the 32 week since this fun started, things have changed a bit, at home, and at work, but we are still alive and kicking.

Starting tomorrow, the youngest will go back to face to face instructions. Her school has had zero reported cases of the plague, so we feel pretty safe about it. The middle has been back for a few weeks, but his school has had a few cases. The oldest is still doing all her classes for college on-line.

On the professional front, as I mentioned a while back, my $JOB was making changes. Well, Thursday past was my last day with the group I started with almost 4 years ago (missed 4 years by 4 weeks) and Friday I started with the new group. I will be doing the same basic role, but using different technology stack so I have a bit of a learning curve to deal with. Also, it is looking like I will not return to the office until late Spring at the earliest.

I have dusted off my old Ansible playbooks, and I have gotten them up to date. I used this when I set up my new desktop that $JOB paid for. It is missing some things that I wanted when I bought my first desktop in over 15 years like discrete graphics card, AMD CPU, and more RAM, but the main board is really nice if only limited to 32G of RAM. My first step is to upgrade the 16G of RAM the system came with to 32G. I have started to look for a decent GPU card to add to the system. The case is nice and large and easy to work in, so adding the GPU should be an easy task on afternoon. But first, I need to decide on the GPU. I do not really game, so the GPU will be used for photography and sadly Zoom calls.

Pretty soon, I will need to replace my keyboard. The current one is a 78-key non-mechanical keyboard. It is nice and quiet, but it is just a tad to small, and I have not really been able to touch-type well on it. I got it so I would not disturb anyone else while working, but since I will be solo in the home office again starting Monday, I can get away with something which makes a little noise.

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