Life in the new world

Note I started writing this 13.Jul.2020. It is now 9.Aug.2020. Oops.

As we go into our 17th 21st week of the Plague Apocalypse, I find that I have slipped into a routine for the week, but one which does not involve much creativity.

I have set a menu which is heavily driven by broad themes (Taco Tuesday, Take-out Thursday, etc). I still get dressed for work as if I was going into the office, which for me means slacks, shirt, and a tie. I spent a decent chunk of my time in the office on video calls, so why should I change what I wear simply because I doing it from somewhere else? Plus, it is a signal to my family that I am working vs not working.

I have gotten a lot of little projects completed. Both around the house, and on my computers. And, I have fund time to take some training classes at work above what is normally required of me.

I am still posting weekly photos photos, but they have been more snap-shots vs photos. I am finding that my creative drive is lacking right now. I am not sure if it is due to the stress of the wider world with the virus and the, um, interesting politics in the US currently or the stress from work.

I found out a while back that the group I work in at my $JOB is leaving Houston for whatever reason, and that I could move the North East, the UK, or Singapore. While we did talk about moving to the UK a few years back, we are not in a position to pick up and move anywhere, let alone overseas. I have two leads for different groups out of the office here which I am pretty excited for. They both have some great opportunities, as well as their own issues, but in the end, it is still a job.

I have had a lot of time to study up on photography and on coding, and I need to find some time to go practice both. One of the big issues is that since there are no commutes currently, folks have been scheduling even earlier meeting, so my mornings are ‘at work’ earlier than they were before this whole mess. I need to push back on that, where I can.

I am also going to try to post more here as a place I can leave notes to myself.

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