25 February / / SA
So, when we were last here, I was talking about how I had been happily using my PixelBook for a year, and everything was just fine. Then, life happened, and things changed, and I found myself working out of the house for a while. Why should this be a problem? Well, the program I use to remote into the office has a desktop client as well as a web-based one. Under Chrome OS, all I could figure out how to use was the HTML5 web based one.
07 January /
For the last 12+ months, Chrome OS has been my daily driver. And for the most part, it has treated me okay for all that time. Recently, some issues have cropped up. I have successfully used my PixelBook in my day to day life doing things. Telecommuting to work a few days a week. Taking online training for work. Doing basic photo editing. Talking with the family whilst traveling. Helping launch a great father/child program.
31 December /
As 2018 draws to a close, it is the way of things to look at the year past, and then look ahead. A look behind… My main tech experience this year has been using the PixelBook as my main computing device. This for the most part has worked out well. Everything I needed to do I figured out a way to do it under ChromeOS, and most of the time it was as easy to do as under Linux.
14 December / / photos
Part four of my TRF Photos series. This time the photos which did not fall into any of the other categories. Fall Colors I Fall Colors II Yellow Dragon Sunflower Green Man Press Hanging Shadows Rat Pack Bird Whistles Here Be Dragons! Straw Brooms Play with Me Fairy Wings
11 December / / photos
Part three of my TRF Photos series. This time looking at Holiday decorations. Beaver and Tree Hanging Ornament I Hanging Ornament II Hanging Ornament III Window Cat Holiday Duck!