Disconnected IMAP

Disconnected IMAP

So, in an effort to get to the office earlier, I decided to try to
figure out how to do disconnected IMAP. Well, the route I took was to
use a tool called <a
mailsync which is a cool
tool to allow you to sync IAMP mailboxes. So, my tack is to sync it
down to my laptop, and read the email on the bus. I sync email down
in the morning, and then in the evening, sync again. So far, so good.

More updates later…

Screen Saver? Yes!

Screen Saver? Yes!

So, a while back I found a screensaver which is meant for the command
line. It is called tss. The
latest version is 0.8.1, and it is looking pretty cool.

Under screen 4.0 or higher, there is a command called idle which is
set in seconds. By default, it uses screen’s built in lockscreen
function, but if you define the environment variable LOCKPGR, then you
can call something else. I have it call a the following script:

#!/bin/bash tss -r
exec vlock -a

This will lock my screen after a set time, and give me a nice thing to
look at.

RSS Reader: Raggle

RSS Reader: Raggle

Well, after getting some time over the US holiday to try to get raggle
built, I gave up. I am guessing that Fedora Core 5/6 are not very
ruby friendly yet, as I could not find everything I needed very
easily. I was able to get it almost all the way there, but I could
not get the ruby-Ncurses rpm to build, and I am very strict about
using the native package management system (ie RPM on a RPM based
system, portage on Gentoo, apt on a Debian deviant), so I will not be
trying this until I can get the RPMS.

In other news, I have found some more PIM type things to play with.
Does anyone know of a good CLI Palm Pilot sync package? Cold Sync seems to be dead, and I am
not sure if it will talk to modern Pilots.

Window Managers?

Window Managers?

Why would a web site dedicated to the CLI have a section on Window
Managers? Well, simple.

Some times, you just have to have X running. Some web sites I have to
do research at use Flash, or photo editing/managing, or my iPod (none
of the CLI tools let me manage play lists very easily).

Plus, I cannot get the same resolution on the console as I can under

So, what is a CLI user to do? Why, get a Window Manager (wm) that is
meant for us!

The features I look for include small footprint and full keyboard
integration. The current one I use is wmi-10, but it is no longer
under active development. The group working on it has moved to on to
wmii, but I do not like the changes,
so I am off looking for a new one to use.

From time to time, I will post how my search is going so you can see
what is out there.

What do I Use?


What major apps do I use daily? Well, this is the list of apps that
I currently use daily:

  • bash – my shell of choice
  • screen – a shell multiplexer and more
  • mutt – a mua on steroids
  • centericq – IM. How do you stay in touch?
  • snownews – an RSS feed reader
  • calcurse – a calendar/todo manger
  • bashblogger – the CMS for this site

There are a few more, but I need to find URLs for them.