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Part four of my TRF Photos series. This time the photos which did not fall into any of the other categories. Fall Colors I Fall Colors II Yellow Dragon Sunflower Green Man Press Hanging Shadows Rat Pack Bird Whistles Here Be Dragons! Straw Brooms Play with Me Fairy Wings
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Part three of my TRF Photos series. This time looking at Holiday decorations. Beaver and Tree Hanging Ornament I Hanging Ornament II Hanging Ornament III Window Cat Holiday Duck!
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This is the first of a few posts on the photos from the second weekend we went to TRF. This time around, I brought my main camera and took more photos. Lots more. This is a few of the people pictures that I think turned out well. There were some others I took, but I was not happy with the results. Photographing people is not something I normally do, so it is an area I do need to explore and work on.
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As is our habit, we often go to TRF. This weekend, we finally made it. However, the weather was less than perfect. Around 50F and raining off and on. I still had a good time, and the family mainly enjoyed themselves as well, but I kept the small camera I brought with me away for most of the day. I did manage to get a couple of keepers, but not a lot.
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The family took to the road again for the 4th of July holiday, returning to Galveston, TX. This time, just three days, but it was a nice break. This is just one of the pictures I took. The others that I like are here.
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Well, I had to open my mouth and say that I thought things were going to slow down. About that… So, I get word late on a Friday I needed to get to New York for a meeting with a vendor. A frantic hour or so later, and I have things booked, and that Sunday, I have this view: In my rush to pack (I had lots of little things to get done before climbing on the plane, including a quick round of D&D with the kids: ), I totally forgot my camera.
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Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last few months have been very busy with work and everything going on with the kids and their activities. It is summer time, so now I might be able to get some rest. So, last month I got to go visit Bournemouth, UK for work. I was going over for a kick-off meeting on a new phase of the project I have been working on for a while.
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Another quick update on how I am doing with my Project 365. See my previous update for how I did last month. This month, while I posted a pic every day, aside from some of the Lego macro shots, I am not as happy with the subject matter. I need to work on that.
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As you may remember, I have been working on my Project 365 (take and post a picture for 365 days). Well, so far, I am 20 for 20! But, in getting one for yesterday, I ended up taking a bunch of pictures. I decide to share the best, and you can find them here. Enjoy.
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So, with my little project, I have been playing around with some new techniques in my photo work-flow. This is an example of a before and after image on one of the new things I am playing with:
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Had a bit of down time tonight, and started playing with a new version of the photo editing software I use most of the time. Found a new plug-in, and I like the results:
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First week of the new year is behind us, and how are things looking? Well, aside from the cold over the weekend, I think things are going okay. I have not done formal resolutions for a while, but I have tried to improve myself, and sometimes a new effort matches up with the calendar. Aside from my New Year’s Day Post
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Note- This is late due to software breakage Just a quick note before the end of the year to wish everyone a happy Christmas, holidays, and/or New Year!
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This last weekend was the last weekend for the 2016 Texas Renaissance Festival. Since the fall has been a bit crazy with sports and the new job that we only got to go one time this year. Naturally, I took my camera, but as luck would have it, the battery which said it was full before I left was actually flat, and died on me. I ended up using my phone (Nexus 5x), which turned out took decent pictures within limits.
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This weekend, we went to the Houson’s Amazing Comic Con. As normal, we had fun, and as normal, I brought a camera. This one was not the big rig, but a small, older point-n-shoot type, so I am not totally happy with all the pics, but I did get some some good ones I still have some other pictures to process and post, so there will be more coming….
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Many, many, many years ago, I went to a comic/game convention in Austin. This was pre-internet, and really pre-console gaming, so the games were all table top type. Steve Jackson Games was prototyping something called ‘Car Wars’. Pretty cool stuff. But, I never really had a chance to go back to one. Until this year. This past weekend, we went to SpaceCity Comic Con 2016. It was a hoot. Learned a few things (pay for the tickets at the door, as the line was way shorter; don’t leave the food area with food and expect them to let you back in; silly things like that).
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Happy Christmas day for those who celerbate, and happy Friday for those who don’t. I have added two new links to the sidebar. The first is just a link to my privacy statement. No big deal…I don’t store stuff, and I don’t collect stuff. Simple. The other is to a local photo gallery which I will try to remember to update as I get more interesting pictures to share. Here is to 2015 being almost over.
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We took a quick vacation to the island, and of course I took my cameras. 20021208120000th 20150704142306th 20150704142714th 20150704142830th 20150704142941st 20150704143004th 20150704144519th 20150704144534th 20150704144600th 20150704145036th 20150704153847th 20150705115058th 20150705115117th 20150705115416th 20150705115428th 20150705115553rd 20150705120816th 20150705121513th 20150705122327th 20150705122436th 20150705123935th 20150706080810th 20150706092540th 20150706135619th 20150706145430th 20150706151037th 20150706151222nd 20150706153259th 20150706153442nd 20150706153812th 20150706153925th 20150706153938th 20150706154152nd 20150707110811th 20150707141537th 20150708123602nd 20150708134205th 20150708134213th 20150708134856th 20150708135001st 20150708141403rd
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Once more, off the Las Vegas for to work a trade show. This year, I was helping present training, so I was tucked away in a basement most of the trip, and did not get out to do much in the way of sight-seeing aside from walking around the hotel. ::: {.slides} /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150531194530.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000_1.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000_2.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150602214415.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150603092013.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150603092026.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000.webp ::: But, I did find time to snap a few pictures.
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As 2014 draws to a close, I look back at the year. Overall, it was a good year. The family staid reasonably health (just a case of the flu which every one of us caught). Work slowed down a bit after only three trips, and the last one was in June, but I did get to spend two weeks in London which was cool. While the work has been not what I really want to be doing, it has been interesting, and next year promises to be very interesting.
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So, in 2013, I went to China twice, Tokyo, Las Vegas, London twice, and Barcelona. This was enough to get me some serious air miles. I decided to turn them into something to help me get back into photography, so I got Olympus OM-D E-M5. This is one of the latest in the line of Olympus DSLR. This one is a micros 4/3, with a built-in Electronic View Finder (EVF).
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The reason I was busy at work is that I was getting ready for two different trips to conduct three different training courses. Last week I was down in Mexico City to present some training to folks from Latin and Central America on one of our new products. Next month, I head off to Lost Wages, er, Las Vegas, for our major conference and two different training courses, while supporting a third.
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EDIT 2019-06-22: It seems like the BINS website is gone. Do not know if this is temporary or not. BINS Photo Album The BINS Photo Album is a package to generate static web pages from the command line. Why would you want to do this? Well, most of the dynamic web photo albums require that the server do all the work when the client requests the images, thus either slowing it down, or requiring a very beefy server.