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09 August / / personal / photos / work
31 October / / personal / work
So, the current gig is not what I expected when I interviewed. While the people working there are dedicated, intelligent, and hard-working, the fit is not right for me. I’m going to rhetorically vote with my feet and go elsewhere — in the words of the immortal and beloved Snagglepuss, “Exit, stage left.” Starting November 21, I will be transitioning into a new roll. The new gig is a home-coming of sorts, as I will be re-joining GTI at JPMC here in Houston, but in a different role then I was before.
12 June / / personal / work
Well, after 4 years (almost to the day), it is time for me to say good-bye to HP. The team I worked on is a great team who really know their stuff. However, I am a geek, and I want to be doing things with tech, and not talking about tech, and for the most part, talking is all I have been doing. I have learned a lot and was given a chance to do some [traveling <travels>]{role=“doc”} which I do not think I would have been able to do.
06 June / / photos / travel / work
Once more, off the Las Vegas for to work a trade show. This year, I was helping present training, so I was tucked away in a basement most of the trip, and did not get out to do much in the way of sight-seeing aside from walking around the hotel. ::: {.slides} /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150531194530.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000_1.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000_2.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150602214415.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150603092013.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150603092026.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000.webp ::: But, I did find time to snap a few pictures.