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05 July / / travel / photos
The family took to the road again for the 4th of July holiday, returning to Galveston, TX. This time, just three days, but it was a nice break. This is just one of the pictures I took. The others that I like are here.
19 June / / photos / travel
Well, I had to open my mouth and say that I thought things were going to slow down. About that… So, I get word late on a Friday I needed to get to New York for a meeting with a vendor. A frantic hour or so later, and I have things booked, and that Sunday, I have this view: In my rush to pack (I had lots of little things to get done before climbing on the plane, including a quick round of D&D with the kids: ), I totally forgot my camera.
08 June / / photos / travel
Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last few months have been very busy with work and everything going on with the kids and their activities. It is summer time, so now I might be able to get some rest. So, last month I got to go visit Bournemouth, UK for work. I was going over for a kick-off meeting on a new phase of the project I have been working on for a while.
22 May / / travel / personal
The month is almost over, and again, this site is quite. Sorry about that. Last week, I was in Austin, TX for OSCON 2016. The show was fun, and it was the first time in over 5 years that I was just an attendee instead of a presenter or booth worker. While OSCON seems to be targeted more for developers and the DevOps scene, there were a few things I could use in my current Ops role.
06 June / / photos / travel / work
Once more, off the Las Vegas for to work a trade show. This year, I was helping present training, so I was tucked away in a basement most of the trip, and did not get out to do much in the way of sight-seeing aside from walking around the hotel. ::: {.slides} /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150531194530.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000_1.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000_2.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150602214415.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150603092013.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150603092026.webp /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000.webp ::: But, I did find time to snap a few pictures.
05 June / / travel / photos
So, in 2013, I went to China twice, Tokyo, Las Vegas, London twice, and Barcelona. This was enough to get me some serious air miles. I decided to turn them into something to help me get back into photography, so I got Olympus OM-D E-M5. This is one of the latest in the line of Olympus DSLR. This one is a micros 4/3, with a built-in Electronic View Finder (EVF).
20 May / / travel / photos
The reason I was busy at work is that I was getting ready for two different trips to conduct three different training courses. Last week I was down in Mexico City to present some training to folks from Latin and Central America on one of our new products. Next month, I head off to Lost Wages, er, Las Vegas, for our major conference and two different training courses, while supporting a third.
23 February / / personal / travel