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23 November / / sa / sitenews / unix
So, I decided it was time to go TLS (aka https) with all my websites. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I held off due to the way I had to get my laptop on the wireless at the previous job. Now that I have left, there was no need for that, so away I go! On the job front, this was an odd week to start with almost everybody on my new team being out due to the holiday.
31 March / / sitenews
Making it once a month, but I should do more.. Spring break is over, and now, we moving to the crazy season. With number 3 starting to play soccer (as is number 2), I am still coaching number 1 at volleyball. For those keeping score at home, that is 3 games a week on two days for 8 weeks. I might have time...
29 February / / sitenews / unix / personal
Happy Leap Day! Another month has gone by, and things have been busy. In addition to all the normal crazy that is life with kids, I have been elected to the kids pre-school board of directors. Now, the oldest two no longer go there, but the youngest will be there another year, and my term is three years, so there will be a bit of time when I will not have a kid there.
25 December / / sitenews / photos
Happy Christmas day for those who celerbate, and happy Friday for those who don’t. I have added two new links to the sidebar. The first is just a link to my privacy statement. No big deal…I don’t store stuff, and I don’t collect stuff. Simple. The other is to a local photo gallery which I will try to remember to update as I get more interesting pictures to share. Here is to 2015 being almost over.
30 October / / sitenews
Another month gone by. But, at least the weather is getting better. The commute is still a drag, but at least I get a chance to listen to some good technology talks which makes things better. On the firewall front, a new slim SSD and we are back up and running. At some point, I need to find the time to finish some tasks on the network to make things run smoother overall.
05 October / / sitenews
Another month, another post. Life is going. School is back in session, and the crazy has started. The commute still sucks, and not getting as much done in the personal world sucks, too. And, to top it all off, the weather turned to Fall (Yeah!), but my motorcycle has a short in a switch (Boo!) Need to fix it. But, on the plus side, the firewall is back up and running.
23 September / / sa / sitenews
For some reason, we have had a bit of power issues around the house recently. No big deal, just enough to cause non-UPS computers to reboot. Well, one of them was the firewall (the UPS on it pop a while back, and I just have not gotten around to replacing it). But, it would not come back the last time. Drag a it over to a monitor and have a look at the console.
09 September / / sitenews
Wow…September already? Where does the time go? With the time given to the commute and the lack of access at the office (since I do work for a firm which does have pretty tight internet access policies), I have decided that I cannot do the photo-a-day thing, so I am not going to be updating my photo website on a regular basis. Sorry about that, but then since I started back this summer, the traffic was not there.
03 May / / sitenews
April has come and gone, and I did not manage to find time (or energy) to post anything. I spent most of the month at work getting ready to and then delivering some training remotely in Nashville, TN, US. Now, I can say that I have stayed at the largest non-casino hotel in the world, The Gaylord Opryland. Now that that is over, I get to gear up to design a new training plan for internal product training.
10 March / / sitenews
Does updating the theme of the site count as an update? No? Okay...time to type. Life is busy right now, and extra things are gonna have to give. I have not had a chance to do much photography (both making and processing them), so I am putting the daily site on hold, again. For the sharp eye among you, you would have noticed this last week. On the upside, I have lost about 20 pounds since the beginning of the year.
06 December / / sitenews / software
New Look (again) I was having some issues with my word press site, so I decided to look around for something else. I found a static-site generator, and I think I like it. So, I flipped this site over to it. I might flip the reset RealSoonNow(TM).
06 March / / sitenews
Still not going with a database on the back-end, but this one has a cool real-time visualization editor. It is called HTMLy. This should let me update this a bit more. But, I have said that before.
25 January / / sitenews
I have not updated - forget the GUI in a very long time, and I did have some nice tricks and tips there, so I decided to bring it over here. Edit 2020-04-07: I merged the content of into my main site a long time ago. Enjoy.