Another Month Going Quick.

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Well, October is almost over already. Time flies. This fall has been very busy with non-work things. Kids in sports (with me being the coach for one of them), kids doing scouts, kids doing Y... more

Perl, Modules, and Package Management

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So, even though I have been starting to work with FreeBSD again, I am still running ArchLinux on my workstation. And I wanted to run a script I wrote a long time ago to support a website of mine,... more

One step closer

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So, I have upgraded my servers at the house to FreeBSD, and have set up the basic functions needed on them. So, now, I am down to only my main laptop running Linux. Oh, and the work machine which... more

FreeBSD Switch

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I just noticed I have not updated this in a few weeks. Sorry about that. I have my R810 running PCBSD 10.0.2, and I just patched and configured WiFi on it. I need to figure out how to submit a patch... more

Back to FreeBSD (maybe back to the challenge)

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So, I had a bit of time over the weekend, and spent it doing a bit of hacking around. I had re-installed PC-BSD on my HP EliteBook R810. I used 10.0.2, and everything but the wireless looked good. I... more