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Quick Ansible Tip

This is a quick post to capture something seen. Ansibel is a configuration management tool that I have been learning recently. More details in a future post. This is just to capture this idea:

From: Smith, Chris (Big Data)

To: ansible

Ansible Galaxy is a centralised Github repository of public Ansible content, see: It uses a local routine that is installed when you install Ansible, called ‘ansible-galaxy’, to create a blank template for your Ansible content. What is not well known is you can run ‘ansible-galaxy’ in offline mode to create a blank template using the command:

# ansible-galaxy init --offline my-role



More on this as I get some more back-ends stuff taken care of, like setting up a git repo and maybe auto-deploy from git push?

April recap

April has come and gone, and I did not manage to find time (or energy) to post anything.

I spent most of the month at work getting ready to and then delivering some training remotely in Nashville, TN, US. Now, I can say that I have stayed at the largest non-casino hotel in the world, The Gaylord Opryland. Now that that is over, I get to gear up to design a new training plan for internal product training. Such is the life of a Linux guy stuck working for a marketing group.

On the home front, we have hit a busy time with soccer, volleyball, dance, and swim time. I think we get a break sometime after the 4th of July.....

March Update

Does updating the theme of the site count as an update? No? Okay...time to type.

Life is busy right now, and extra things are gonna have to give. I have not had a chance to do much photography (both making and processing them), so I am putting the daily site on hold, again. For the sharp eye among you, you would have noticed this last week.

On the upside, I have lost about 20 pounds since the beginning of the year. While I am not where I want to be weight-wise, I have lost a pants size which puts me back were I was about 10 years ago. Life is good.

I am going to see about updating things here more often, if nothing else to have a record of things not in a cloud based service which may dramatically change its pricing model on me.

FreeBSD Challenge II, End Report

And, again, I hit something which is causing massive disk performance issues. That, and suspend/resume does not work on either laptop.

I would try to debug the issues, but that means learning a whole new set of tools, and I will not have time for a while. Next week, I am in week long meetings which will run late every day, and then I have to finish writing and present a training class the last week of the month. The hour or two I can spare will be far better spent for me by backup, re-installing ArchLinux than by starting to learn the tools. Yes, a bit of a cop-out, but I need the machines to do what I need to do. I will keep the servers FreeBSD, however, as it works great there.

I will revisit the issue of FreeBSD on the laptops when I either get new kit, or support for my models gets better.

FreeBSD Challenge II, Day 30 Update

As the month draws to a close, I am further into the switch. I have rebuilt my main laptop to PCBSD. I am still setting a few things up, but it seems to be going well.

Two things I need to fix:

  • Skype: While there is not a native client, there are lots of folks who report success with the Linux client. I will need to do some research.
  • Nikola: The software I use for my blogs. It throws a python error when I run it, so I cannot update things. Again, I think I just need to do some more research.

Now, the fun of the weekend is here, so I am off!