Back to FreeBSD (maybe back to the challenge)

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So, I had a bit of time over the weekend, and spent it doing a bit of hacking around. I had re-installed PC-BSD on my HP EliteBook R810. I used 10.0.2, and everything but the wireless looked good. I... more

More travel

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I am back from Las Vegas for a trade show for work. The hardest part was two and a half days of setting up an isolated network for some hands on training. The training went very well, and I got some... more

Rewards for Hard Travel

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So, in 2013, I went to China twice, Tokyo, Las Vegas, London twice, and Barcelona. This was enough to get me some serious air miles. I decided to turn them into something to help me get back into... more

On the Road Again

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The reason I was busy at work is that I was getting ready for two different trips to conduct three different training courses. Last week I was down in Mexico City to present some training to folks... more

FreeBSD Challenge final (for now)

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Well, Something broke on the main computer. The speed when trying to run a few terminal apps, firefox, and thunderbird at the same time was appalling. I never had that sort of performance issues... more