Aftermath of Harvey

We have been very lucky.  Our house sits at 125 feet above sea-level, and the reservoir near us which everyone is very worried about tops out at 107 feet, so no worries about flooding from that.  Plus, we are the highest house in the subdivision.

We also kept power, water, and internet through the whole process.  Most of the people I know who live in town took some damage from flood waters.  Thankfully, no one I know either lost their home or loved one lives.

Around here, the stores are starting to open again, but with a lack of shipments from outside the region, things look a little bare:




waiting for the sun

rainy day
Rainy day

More rain.  So far, we are good.  Family in town is fairing well, friends not as much (a few flooded houses and cars, thankfully no injuries).

So ready for this to be over.  And, with Downtown Houston all but closed, I am working from home for the foreseeable future.