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Happy New Year

Hello, and welcome to the new year! If you are reading this, then you are one of the lucky ones who made it through 2016. We lost a lot of important and highly entertaining folks in 2016.

Since this is a new year, I have decided that I should try those silly resolution things again. My two big ones I am willing to go public with are to get into better shape and the other is to complete another Project 365. So far, I am 100% on the second goal!

You should go look and keep me honest.

As for the getting fit thing, I cheated, and started a couple of weeks ago. My two short term goals are to get to the point where I can do 100 push-ups daily (I am already up to 55 from starting at 10), and to be up and moving for at least 60 minutes daily. I have been tracking the movement for a while, and I am hit an miss. It is always harder over the holidays, but I think I can easily get that one going well.

See you in a while!