Google’s Calendar on the Command Line!

Google’s Calendar on the Command Line!

You love your comfortable command line, but all the cool kids are playing in the Web 2.0 web space, and you want to stay true to your roots?  Want a Web 2.0 calendar, but still love (or need) command line access?

I just found the answer: gcalcli. This little tool will let you list your appointments, get an list your events, get an agenda, print ascii rendering of your calendar for the week or month.  You can even add events to the calendar.

I like the fact that I can easly get at my gcalendar from anywhere (even my cell phone), and now I can do it from my shell.

The only downsides so far?  The code has not been updated since October of 2007, and the speed can be a little slow sometimes. I am going to play with it for a while to see if I like it enough to replace remind.

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