Check-in, 2024-01

Time Has Past

Hum…it has been almost 6 months since I last posted here, And only two total last year. Not very good record on my part.

The ${JOB} has not change, still building Linux stuff for a large bank. The family is still doing well. And the weather sucks. It is currently 27F (-2C) with a windchill nocking it even colder. This time, it supposed to only be 36-48 hours, unlike two years ago

Computer and such

My NixOS Challenge documenting my start into NixOS was supposed to be me keeping track of what I am testing there, but the experiment is going great. I have not loaded a different OS on my XPS13. In fact,everything I documented as not working back then is now working, and the XPS is my primary machine. I have since installed it on my HP and my x260.

I also got a PineTab2 this past year, and it is also running NixOS. My next two goals are to change my public web server over, and to unify my NixOS config across all my machines, including the PineTab2.


I have been working on my P52 (post a photo a week for 52 weeks) for a bit over 5 years now. Every so often, I want to post more, so here are some photos from the past 7 or so days: