NixOS Challenge, pt 1

So, I had a bit of free time between Christmas and New Years, so I decided to blow away my Dell XPS13 install of ArchLinux which has been on the for a long time now and install NixOS. I have been playing with it for a bit on some other computers, so I started with a mainly working config.

I was able to complete a week of work on the new OS just fine. In fact, the only two issues I currently have is that the version of darktable is behind (4.0 vs. just released 4.2) and my qutebrowser is not playing any DRM protected content like Netflix or Amazon streaming. I am not sure if that is NixOS or qutebrowser. I should look into it more, but for now I am just using firefox when I need to access that suff.

I am pretty immpressed that I have not had to change any of my workflows yet, just edit some scripts and install a few things. But, the nice thing is that I can now reproduce my main workstation on a spare laptop in very short order now.