Check-in 2022-Q2

A couple of major endings in the last few months. School is out for everybody, and summer is here. Also, a program that I have done with the kids for the last 15 years wrapped up operations due to declining numbers which was not helped by Covid. And, I have been tweaking some things in the home-lab.

With the end of school, everybody is back home full time now. I am required to go into the office two days a week right now, so it is not a full house all the time like it has been during lock-down. Everybody else has slipped into their summer schedule, which of course has me getting up hours before anyone else. The kids seem to be enjoying just hanging around the house, although we are going to the beach and to visit family over the summer.

This past April was the last official campout for Katori, which is the Father/Child program I have been involved in since the eldest was in kindergarten. It was bitter-sweet. While I have been the president of the program for the last few years, I was getting tired of the lack of support and our numbers had been dropping. After having to cancel the 2020-2021 schedule, and only pulling off two events this year, the officers decided that the time had come.

In other geeky news, I finally got around to setting up the basics for a CI/CD (Constant Integration/Constant Deployment) pipeline for my git server. What does that mean? Well, I can now script out what I want done with my code/websites/config files when I push them to my git server. For example, I keep the contents of the posts for this and my other websites in git, and now, when I push a change up, it will automatically be pushed to my web server. Besides getting some geek cread, this is one more thing I needed to figure out how to do so I can finally close out my shared-hosting provider which I am not using too much anymore. I have one more puzzle piece I need to figure out before I can close that out.