July 2021 Check-in

July. More than half way through the year.

Well, it has been a bit since I have done one of these (like, back in March). I am not going to recap everything since then, just this month.

Based on the graph of traffic at the firewall:

Firewall Traffic

it can be deduced that we took a mini-holiday. We rented a beach-house on Galveston Island south of Houston. It was the first family getaway in too long due to the Plague, school/work, and various health issues.

I got up early on the Saturday to try and get some sunrise photos. I got some, and a couple others. Most of my energy was with the family, so not too many other photos.

In addition to the photo walk last month, I managed to find my self at the Houston Graffiti Building again. I spent some time, and came away with some keepers:

So, the month has been good for photography and family time. The $JOB has been a bit…challenging. Whilst I have had some time to do some ‘real’ work (in this case, a bit of coding to automate a process) I got roped into the all-hands-on-deck-highest-priority project to upgrade the major applications clusters. Of course, the vendor has not tested the upgrade path they want us to follow, and random things have been breaking in new and odd ways. Oh, and through in the random server deciding it wanted to do its own thing, many long hours this week.

On to August!

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