Firewall Saga, pt II

When I was here last, I was talking about how my trusty firewall appliance of many years had fallen over, and the challenges of trying to get pfSense working on the new hardware. I figured it was time for a quick updates.

This last weekend, I did cut over to the purpose-bought box for the firewall, but I have not as of yet put to use the extra ports for WiFi and DMZ use. I still have a bit of thinking to do on how I best want to set that up.

Whilst I am not pleased to find out the IPFire team’s thoughts on wireguard, I respect their decision on their project. Given that I am currently running wireguard at home (I have not had a chance to test it outside yet due to the plague) I was hoping they would support it. As if the fact I could not get pfSense booting was not reason enough, the pfSense project announced that they were dropping support for wireguard for the foreseeable future.