January 2021 Check-in

So, it has been a while. Nothing major has happened, just busy with living. But, I am going to try something new for me and do some recaps of what I have been doing.

In January, nothing major happened. I survived an internal audit at work, and we have a break before we jump into another one.

In photography, I am still keeping up with my Project-52. This is the third(?) year now, so it is doing well. You can see it over at donaldharper.com. I did tweak the code for that site and this one to run a bit faster by not requesting assets from another server.

Everybody around here is still doing okay. The kids are off doing school, and everybody is staying healthy. Cannot really ask for more than that right now. grin

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Don is a computer guy stumbling through life trying to raise his kids and take some pictures