Another week (or three), more weird

10 weeks ago, my $JOB told me it was time to work from home full time until further notice. And, that is not the only change since then. The kids switched to distance education, the wife started teaching her students online, and we stopped going, well, anywhere.

Since I already worked from home twice a week, it has not been too major of a shift for me. The only real downside is that I am now getting invited to more earlier meetings.

The kids have mainly settled in to the routine of getting up and then doing their school work. Since it is mainly asynchronous, they have been getting up later. With school ending for the year shortly, they will have to get a new schedule.

My main outing each week is to get food. I have noticed that some of the oddest things are out of stock. This week, it was fast pancake mix (just add water) and .5L bottles of Mt. Dew. Odd things for people to horde. The other things people had horded (toilette paper and paper-towels) are back, but not at old levels.

The good thing is where we live, we are mainly isolated from the main madness. No one we know has gotten sick yet, so we are doing good there.

Two things I have been working on in my spare time. My home LAN (full of containers now) and my photo workflow. I need to write up some lessons learned from the first, and some photos from the last.

Stay safe, wear your mask, and see you soon.