Happy Thanksgiving for the US crowd

I really need to work on this.

For the US based folks reading this, Happy Thanksgiving. I have a short break, and then it is back to the office. For the first time in years, I am being a real sysadmin and running systems. The major problem is that I have not done this in 4.5 years, and the place where I have landed has not had enough staff to keep up with everything. So, I am in firefighting and clean-up mode. I have spent part of my day in the production data center this week, and I get to go back tomorrow. All simple stuff, but just needed somebody to go do it.

On the FreeBSD front, one of my servers died the other weekend, so I went ahead and replaced the drives with 2T and rebuilt it to FreeBSD. Trying something new, it is 11-CURRENT. I also finally got FreeBSD back on my 'big' laptop, but I have not gotten everything fully configured yet, so I am not using it just yet.

Tomorrow, the silly season starts in full, so I am glad I am not in retail any more.


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