Vegas, again

Once more, off the Las Vegas for to work a trade show. This year, I was helping present training, so I was tucked away in a basement most of the trip, and did not get out to do much in the way of sight-seeing aside from walking around the hotel.

::: {.slides} /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150531194530.jpg /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000_1.jpg /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000_2.jpg /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150602214415.jpg /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150603092013.jpg /images/Vegas-2015-06/20150603092026.jpg /images/Vegas-2015-06/20021208120000.jpg :::

But, I did find time to snap a few pictures.

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