FreeBSD Challenge final (for now)

Well, Something broke on the main computer. The speed when trying to run a few terminal apps, firefox, and thunderbird at the same time was appalling. I never had that sort of performance issues under ArchLinix on the same kit. I would love to take the time to debug it, but I am almost four weeks behind in dealing with my photos, including those from my trip to England, and I am getting ready to do run some training courses for work which will suck up all my free time.

I am re-installing Arch on the two laptops. I should have restored working configs in a day or two, and then I can start working on my backlog of photo and other projects.

Also, since my laptops are not supported under 10-RELEASE, I want to wait until 10.1 to see if my WLAN NICs are supported.

I still need to rebuild my server which has a failing drive (backed up the data already, just need time). I may go ahead and put 10-RELEASE on it since the NICs are fully supported.


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