FreeBSD Challenge, Day 4-6

Sorry…busy time at work and with the family.

Small updates: I have the external VGA dongle working. No config needed, just plug it in and it works. I really need to fix the WiFi so I can stop using the USB dongle on it. Also, I have updated mutt to 1.5.23, and that upgrade went smoothly. Since I am not using the default build, it was a matter of portsnap fetch && portsnap update && cd /usr/ports/mail/mutt && pkg remove mutt && make install clean and all is good!

My biggest update is that I got AfterShotPro working! It as a simple as reading the pages in the manual, and changing the path to bash in the launcher script, and all is good! I should really look into what it takes to make a port so when I set up the next few computers, I will not have to do this by hand again.

Next thing to figure out is how to get the sound to come out of my headphones instead of the speakers. Since I did not have to do anything to get sound, I figure this is just a bit of RTFM'ing on my part.