Screen - terminal multiplexer

Screen - terminal multiplexer

I usually have one screen running at all time, and in that screen session, I ssh to various hosts that I am working, and have screen running on those hosts.

gnu screen - Google Search GNU Screen - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) GNU Screen - Summary [Savannah] GNU Screen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia GNU Screen - Jonathan McPherson Screen User’s Manual start [GNU screen] SSH-Agent Forwarding and GNU Screen Remote terminal session management using screen How to use screen to detach from and share terminal sessions z o r g . o r g - A Brief Introduction to Screen! Linux, Home Automation, VoIP, Radio Scanning, PMR446, CB Radio, Cryptography, Handspring Visor, Psion Series 3 and much more. screen - The Terminal Multiplexer [Power Sessions with Screen

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