RSS Reader: Raggle

RSS Reader: Raggle

Well, after getting some time over the US holiday to try to get raggle
built, I gave up. I am guessing that Fedora Core 56 are not very
ruby friendly yet, as I could not find everything I needed very
easily. I was able to get it almost all the way there, but I could
not get the ruby-Ncurses rpm to build, and I am very strict about
using the native package management system (ie RPM on a RPM based
system, portage on Gentoo, apt on a Debian deviant), so I will not be
trying this until I can get the RPMS.

In other news, I have found some more PIM type things to play with.
Does anyone know of a good CLI Palm Pilot sync package? Cold Sync seems to be dead, and I am
not sure if it will talk to modern Pilots.

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