Window Managers?

Window Managers?

Why would a web site dedicated to the CLI have a section on Window Managers? Well, simple.

Some times, you just have to have X running. Some web sites I have to do research at use Flash, or photo editing/managing, or my iPod (none of the CLI tools let me manage play lists very easily).

Plus, I cannot get the same resolution on the console as I can under X.

So, what is a CLI user to do? Why, get a Window Manager (wm) that is meant for us!

The features I look for include small footprint and full keyboard integration. The current one I use is wmi-10, but it is no longer under active development. The group working on it has moved to on to wmii, but I do not like the changes, so I am off looking for a new one to use.

From time to time, I will post how my search is going so you can see what is out there.

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