19 November / / software
Alerting with Remind Back in my article on Remind, I talked about the simple power of remind to power your scheduling needs. That is all fine and good, but how to you get it to tell you when you have an event? In its simplest form, when you run remind from the command line, it will not only display the current day’s reminders, but it will run in the background and wake up to tell you about other reminders on the screen while you work.
25 August / / software
Pizza Party - Command Line Pizza ordering program Want a pizza, and do not want to fire up that pesky GUI? We have the solution for you: Pizza Party - Command Line Pizza ordering program (was at Currently, only from Dominos, so if you do not have one near you who accepts on-line orders (sigh, mine does not), then you are out of luck.
04 August / / software
So you need a calendar? So, one of the things we have been using computers for is to keep track of our lives. And this means a scheduling or calendaring tool. Some tools out there do this fine, and some do it very well. I have to keep track of a lot of appointments. From conference calls for work, to each member of the family’s schedules, to random, but highly important reminders.
07 May / / software / unix
Command-Line blog posts So, it only seems fitting that I should talk about a command-line interface to posting on this blog. No, I do not mean using links (was at or the like, but a way to post from the command line. So, this post is being typed up in vim on my Fedora 8 laptop. I will use this great little tool I found called wppost to post. wwpost is part of the perl module WordPress::Post.
25 June / / software
Pacman for Console You are tired of hearing your GUI friends talking about their games? Tired of playing simple Adventure? Why not try Pacman for Console (was at The game play is just like the old quarter game you played long ago, and the best part, you can develop your own maps!