02 November / / software
Another RSS reader? Well, it seems that someone is reading this after all. So, tonight I have been given a pointer to raggle. I guess I need to install ruby to try it out… Thanks to Philip McClure for the pointer. Updates after I try it out some…
30 July / / software
Window Managers? Why would a web site dedicated to the CLI have a section on Window Managers? Well, simple. Some times, you just have to have X running. Some web sites I have to do research at use Flash, or photo editing/managing, or my iPod (none of the CLI tools let me manage play lists very easily). Plus, I cannot get the same resolution on the console as I can under X.
05 June / / software
What do I Use? Software So, What major apps do I use daily? Well, this is the list of apps that I currently use daily: bash - my shell of choice screen - a shell multiplexer and more mutt-ng - a mua on steroids centericq - IM. How do you stay in touch? snownews - an RSS feed reader calcurse - a calendar/todo manger bashblogger - the CMS for this site There are a few more, but I need to find URLs for them.