19 March / / software
Strayed from the path In two ways…first, I have not updated the site in a while, and I need to get back to updating it. Second, because I have not been true to my cli roots. I have moved from my default MUA of the last, oh, 8 years, and flirted with a GUI MUA, thunderbird. It was pretty. It was sexy. It let me see everything then and now.
13 March / / software
CLI Magic: Linux troubleshooting tools 101 When something goes wrong with your Linux-based system, you can try to diagnose it yourself with the many troubleshooting tools bundled with the operating system. Knowing about these tools, and how to effectively use them, can help you overcome many… Read More…
05 March / / software
cli bug/issue/task tracking system? Fresh from freshmeat: What is DITrack? DITrack is a free, open source, lightweight, distributed issue (bug, defect, ticket) tracking system using a [Subversion]( repository instead of a backend database. It is written in Python and runs in UNIX environment (*BSD, Linux, MacOS X). The project is inspired by the idea of [Subissue]( issue tracking system. However, while Subissue aims in merely replacing the traditional database storage with Subversion repository, DITrack is a major rethought of the issue tracking system paradigm.
28 January / / software
Window Manager for tty? The package screen is something that has been around for a long time. With screen, you can have many session running on on tty, and you can switch to another session with out touching a mouse. With the proper configuration, you can get notified if there is some change (like if you have a IM client up) or if there is no output (say, if you are
26 November / / software
Disconnected IMAP So, in an effort to get to the office earlier, I decided to try to figure out how to do disconnected IMAP. Well, the route I took was to use a tool called <a mailsync which is a cool tool to allow you to sync IAMP mailboxes. So, my tack is to sync it down to my laptop, and read the email on the bus. I sync email down