RSS Reader: Raggle

RSS Reader: Raggle

Well, after getting some time over the US holiday to try to get raggle
built, I gave up. I am guessing that Fedora Core 5/6 are not very
ruby friendly yet, as I could not find everything I needed very
easily. I was able to get it almost all the way there, but I could
not get the ruby-Ncurses rpm to build, and I am very strict about
using the native package management system (ie RPM on a RPM based
system, portage on Gentoo, apt on a Debian deviant), so I will not be
trying this until I can get the RPMS.

In other news, I have found some more PIM type things to play with.
Does anyone know of a good CLI Palm Pilot sync package? Cold Sync seems to be dead, and I am
not sure if it will talk to modern Pilots.

Window Managers?

Window Managers?

Why would a web site dedicated to the CLI have a section on Window
Managers? Well, simple.

Some times, you just have to have X running. Some web sites I have to
do research at use Flash, or photo editing/managing, or my iPod (none
of the CLI tools let me manage play lists very easily).

Plus, I cannot get the same resolution on the console as I can under

So, what is a CLI user to do? Why, get a Window Manager (wm) that is
meant for us!

The features I look for include small footprint and full keyboard
integration. The current one I use is wmi-10, but it is no longer
under active development. The group working on it has moved to on to
wmii, but I do not like the changes,
so I am off looking for a new one to use.

From time to time, I will post how my search is going so you can see
what is out there.

What do I Use?


What major apps do I use daily? Well, this is the list of apps that
I currently use daily:

  • bash – my shell of choice
  • screen – a schell multiplexer and more
  • mitt-ng – a mua on steriods
  • centericq – IM. How do you stay in touch?
  • snownews – an RSS feed reader
  • calcurse – a calendar/todo manger
  • bashblogger – the CMS for this site

There are a few more, but I need to find URLs for them.