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A Christmas Present for you

Happy Christmas day for those who celerbate, and happy Friday for those who don't.

I have added two new links to the sidebar. The first is just a link to my privacy statement. No big deal...I don't store stuff, and I don't collect stuff. Simple.

The other is to a local photo gallery which I will try to remember to update as I get more interesting pictures to share.

Here is to 2015 being almost over.

Happy Thanksgiving for the US crowd

I really need to work on this.

For the US based folks reading this, Happy Thanksgiving. I have a short break, and then it is back to the office. For the first time in years, I am being a real sysadmin and running systems. The major problem is that I have not done this in 4.5 years, and the place where I have landed has not had enough staff to keep up with everything. So, I am in firefighting and clean-up mode. I have spent part of my day in the production data center this week, and I get to go back tomorrow. All simple stuff, but just needed somebody to go do it.

On the FreeBSD front, one of my servers died the other weekend, so I went ahead and replaced the drives with 2T and rebuilt it to FreeBSD. Trying something new, it is 11-CURRENT. I also finally got FreeBSD back on my 'big' laptop, but I have not gotten everything fully configured yet, so I am not using it just yet.

Tomorrow, the silly season starts in full, so I am glad I am not in retail any more.



Another month gone by. But, at least the weather is getting better.

The commute is still a drag, but at least I get a chance to listen to some good technology talks which makes things better.

On the firewall front, a new slim SSD and we are back up and running. At some point, I need to find the time to finish some tasks on the network to make things run smoother overall.

Random thoughts

Another month, another post.

Life is going. School is back in session, and the crazy has started. The commute still sucks, and not getting as much done in the personal world sucks, too.

And, to top it all off, the weather turned to Fall (Yeah!), but my motorcycle has a short in a switch (Boo!)

Need to fix it.

But, on the plus side, the firewall is back up and running.

And the Firewall goes POP

For some reason, we have had a bit of power issues around the house recently. No big deal, just enough to cause non-UPS computers to reboot. Well, one of them was the firewall (the UPS on it pop a while back, and I just have not gotten around to replacing it). But, it would not come back the last time. Drag a it over to a monitor and have a look at the console. No HD. Nuts. On a backup solution until the new SSD to replace the dead (non)spinning rust shows up.