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Happy New Year

Hello, and welcome to the new year! If you are reading this, then you are one of the lucky ones who made it through 2016. We lost a lot of important and highly entertaining folks in 2016.

Since this is a new year, I have decided that I should try those silly resolution things again. My two big ones I am willing to go public with are to get into better shape and the other is to complete another Project 365. So far, I am 100% on the second goal!

You should go look and keep me honest.

As for the getting fit thing, I cheated, and started a couple of weeks ago. My two short term goals are to get to the point where I can do 100 push-ups daily (I am already up to 55 from starting at 10), and to be up and moving for at least 60 minutes daily. I have been tracking the movement for a while, and I am hit an miss. It is always harder over the holidays, but I think I can easily get that one going well.

See you in a while!

Happy Christmas

Note- This is late due to software breakage

Just a quick note before the end of the year to wish everyone a happy Christmas, holidays, and/or New Year!

Santa Train

TRF 2016

This last weekend was the last weekend for the 2016 Texas Renaissance Festival. Since the fall has been a bit crazy with sports and the new job that we only got to go one time this year.

Naturally, I took my camera, but as luck would have it, the battery which said it was full before I left was actually flat, and died on me. I ended up using my phone (Nexus 5x), which turned out took decent pictures within limits. Action shots were out. However, I did manage to get a a few I liked, so on the photographic front, it was not a total loss.

On the family and fun side, we all had a blast, as the weather was near perfect. We still did not manage to leave at the right time, and it did take us almost 45 minutes to leave the parking lot. Oh, well.

TLS everywhere

So, I decided it was time to go TLS (aka https) with all my websites. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but I held off due to the way I had to get my laptop on the wireless at the previous job. Now that I have left, there was no need for that, so away I go!

On the job front, this was an odd week to start with almost everybody on my new team being out due to the holiday. I finally got my accounts all settled today, and spent the day doing that every populare on-boarding trainnig which while is a drag, is very much needed.

With the holiday tomorrow, and a vacation day Friday, I get to have a nice long weekend with the family. This will be nice.

In other news, I got the latest version of TrueOS on my Acer C720. So far, everything I have tried works accept for the touchpad, but I have not spent any time looking into it. Once I get that working, and play with it a bit more, I think I will convert my Lenovo ThinkPad X260.

Exit, Stage Left

So, the current gig is not what I expected when I interviewed. While the people working there are dedicated, intelligent, and hard-working, the fit is not right for me. I’m going to rhetorically vote with my feet and go elsewhere — in the words of the immortal and beloved Snagglepuss, “Exit, stage left.”

Starting November 21, I will be transitioning into a new roll. The new gig is a home-coming of sorts, as I will be re-joining GTI at JPMC here in Houston, but in a different role then I was before. The new position is in more engineering/architecture than the old one, and it promises to be a lot of fun.

No travel, alas, so no chances for pictures from far-flung parts of the globe for now.