An Update to ‘Window Managers?’

Way back, I wrote a quick blurb on Window Managers for running under X.

Well, a while back I switched to Ubuntu for my OS of choice. As you may know, the fine folks at Ubuntu switched to default window manager to something called Unity, which caused a stir. I tried it for a while, but decided that it was too heavy, and too mouse-centric.

So, what to do? Well, I went back to my old standby wmfs, Window Manager From Scratch. This is a modern WM with systray support, full Ximirama and Xrandr support, tiles, and is mainly driven from the keyboard. Life is good.

To install (same steps as for Fedora, RHEL, or Ubuntu), download the source, and install the needed development libraries for: X11, Xft, freetype, Xinerama, Xrandr, and Imlib2. I used the native packages from the OS. Then, simple do a

sudo make install

(you do build software as a normal user, right?)

This will install all the needed bits and configs into the correct place. Under Ubuntu 11.10, there was an entry from the login screen to let me chose wmfs.

Config is handled in $HOME/.config/wmfs/wmfsrc which you can copy from /etc/xdg/wmfs/wmfsrc.

EDIT 2016-11-30: It seems the domain is no longer active.
The wmfs website has very nice documentation as well as likes to some people’s configs with screen shots.

It runs very fast, and very lean:

 Private + Shared = RAM used Program 3.9 MiB + 310.0 KiB = 4.2 MiB wmfs

Check it out, I am sure you will like what you see.

Screen – terminal multiplexer

Screen – terminal multiplexer

I usually have one screen running at all time, and in that screen session, I ssh to various hosts that I am working, and have screen running on those hosts.

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[Power Sessions with Screen

Window Manager for tty?

Window Manager for tty?

The package screen is
something that has been around for a long time.

With screen, you can have many session running on tty, and you can switch to another session without touching a mouse. With the proper configuration, you can get notified if there is some change (like if you have a IM client up) or if there is no output (say, if you are watching a compile session).

You are in the zone working, and then you notice the time, and you have to log out and go home. Is this a problem? No, with a simple d, you can disconnect the screen session, log out, go home, log back into that machine, and resume your session just where you left off.

One of the other really features feature that screen has is cut and paste between sessions. The is very handy when adapting code (or articles) into a new file.

Screen References

Window Managers?

Window Managers?

Why would a web site dedicated to the CLI have a section on Window
Managers? Well, simple.

Some times, you just have to have X running. Some web sites I have to
do research at use Flash, or photo editing/managing, or my iPod (none
of the CLI tools let me manage play lists very easily).

Plus, I cannot get the same resolution on the console as I can under

So, what is a CLI user to do? Why, get a Window Manager (wm) that is
meant for us!

The features I look for include small footprint and full keyboard
integration. The current one I use is wmi-10, but it is no longer
under active development. The group working on it has moved to on to
wmii, but I do not like the changes,
so I am off looking for a new one to use.

From time to time, I will post how my search is going so you can see
what is out there.