Houston’s Amazing Comic Con 2016

This weekend, we went to the Houson’s Amazing Comic Con. As normal, we had fun, and as normal, I brought a camera. This one was not the big rig, but a small, older point-n-shoot type, so I am not totally happy with all the pics, but I did get some some good ones

I still have some other pictures to process and post, so there will be more coming….

SpaceCity Comic Con 2016

Many, many, many years ago, I went to a comic/game convention in Austin. This was pre-internet, and really pre-console gaming, so the games were all table top type. Steve Jackson Games was prototyping something called ‘Car Wars’. Pretty cool stuff.

But, I never really had a chance to go back to one. Until this year. This past weekend, we went to SpaceCity Comic Con 2016. It was a hoot. Learned a few things (pay for the tickets at the door, as the line was way shorter; don’t leave the food area with food and expect them to let you back in; silly things like that).

I also took my camera with me to get pics of the kids, and I tried to do some shots of cosplayers. Not bad for my first attempt. The results are here.