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16 February / / linux / sa / R810
This is a quick post so I can remember these details. So, on the R810, I am currently running ArchLinux, which uses by default NetworkManager, which I have a love/hate relationship with. At my last job, I recommended removing it from our servers, as under RHEL6, it does very odd things to the network and is hard to manage. I have heard that it is better under RHEL7. But, it does let you do some really cool things.
09 June / / arch / software / linux
So, with the migration of the AUR to version 4, I looked at the 12 AUR packages I had created over the years which I have not looked at in a long, long time. The list started out with: chronicle - A simple blog compiler written in Perl perl-leocharre-basename - Very basic filename string and path operations such as ext and paths perl-leocharre-cli2 - Some quick help for writing cli scripts perl-leocharre-debug - Debug subroutines perl-leocharre-dir - Subroutines for general directory needs perl-leocharre-strings - Combines string procedures I frequently use perl-string-prettify - Subroutines to cleanup a filename and or garble for human eyes perl-wordpress-api - Management of Wordpress API objects.
06 February / / 30DayChallenge / FreeBSD / sa / linux
And, again, I hit something which is causing massive disk performance issues. That, and suspend/resume does not work on either laptop. I would try to debug the issues, but that means learning a whole new set of tools, and I will not have time for a while. Next week, I am in week long meetings which will run late every day, and then I have to finish writing and present a training class the last week of the month.
07 May / / cli / software / blogging / linux
Command-Line blog posts So, it only seems fitting that I should talk about a command-line interface to posting on this blog. No, I do not mean using links or the like, but a way to post from the command line. So, this post is being typed up in vim on my Fedora 8 laptop. I will use this great little tool I found called wppost to post. wwpost is part of the perl module WordPress::Post.