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16 June / / network / arch / FreeBSD / FreeNAS / plex / R810
So, in the last couple of weeks, I have had the following issues: The CMOS battery dies on my file-server (a FreeNAS box), taking it, and the zpools down with it. I fought over a long weekend to recover the data, and in the end, got it mounted read-only, and copied it off. New hardware, and new zpools, and we seem to be going again. Recovering services is taking a bit of time.
09 June / / arch / software / linux
So, with the migration of the AUR to version 4, I looked at the 12 AUR packages I had created over the years which I have not looked at in a long, long time. The list started out with: chronicle - A simple blog compiler written in Perl perl-leocharre-basename - Very basic filename string and path operations such as ext and paths perl-leocharre-cli2 - Some quick help for writing cli scripts perl-leocharre-debug - Debug subroutines perl-leocharre-dir - Subroutines for general directory needs perl-leocharre-strings - Combines string procedures I frequently use perl-string-prettify - Subroutines to cleanup a filename and or garble for human eyes perl-wordpress-api - Management of Wordpress API objects.
18 September / / sa / arch
So, even though I have been starting to [work with <back2freebsd-maybe>]{role=“doc”} [FreeBSD <freebsd-switch>]{role=“doc”} [again <one-step-closer>]{role=“doc”} , I am still running ArchLinux on my workstation. And I wanted to run a script I wrote a long time ago to support a website of mine, which I have not updated in a while. The way I would update the site is by doing some batch editing of photos, park them in a directory, and then run my script which pushes the photos to the web server, and then interfaces with the CMS software to schedule the posts and all is good.