Hello.  My name is Don Harper, you killed my…oops, wrong line.

This is the ramblings about my life, my hobbies, and my thoughts. I am a second generation systems engineer.

I grew up with my father telecommuting to the ‘minicomputers’ during the 1970’s. I have been earning money supporting open software for over 20 years now, and most of that time Linux. My first kernel I installed was 0.92. I first RHCE was in July 1999 for Red Hat 6.0. Not RHEL 6.0, Red Hat 6.0. I tend to post things here about what I am learning about for two reasons.  First is to give me something to reference back, and secondly, to let other people find it.

I am also a photographer. I tend to do natural and suburban, but I have been known to do some travel and environmental portraiture as well.

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Updates are at least monthly, and sometimes more than that.

Find my twitter feed at @duckunix, my LinkedIn profile, or my old Flicker pages.  I do not use FaceBook, so I am not linking anything there.