Quick Ansible Tip

This is a quick post to capture something seen. Ansible is a configuration management tool that I have been learning recently. More details in a future post. This is just to capture this idea:

From: Smith, Chris (Big Data)

To: ansible

Ansible Galaxy is a centralised Github repository of public Ansible content, see: https://galaxy.ansible.com/ It uses a local routine that is installed when you install Ansible, called ‘ansible-galaxy’, to create a blank template for your Ansible content. What is not well known is you can run ‘ansible-galaxy’ in offline mode to create a blank template using the command:

# ansible-galaxy init –offline my-role



More on this as I get some more back-ends stuff taken care of, like setting up a git repo and maybe auto-deploy from git push?

April recap

April has come and gone, and I did not manage to find time (or energy) to post anything.

I spent most of the month at work getting ready to and then delivering some training remotely in Nashville, TN, US. Now, I can say that I have stayed at the largest non-casino hotel in the world, The Gaylord Opryland. Now that that is over, I get to gear up to design a new training plan for internal product training. Such is the life of a Linux guy stuck working for a marketing group.

On the home front, we have hit a busy time with soccer, volleyball, dance, and swim time. I think we get a break sometime after the 4th of July…..