Perl, Modules, and Package Management

So, even though I have started to work with FreeBSD again , I am still running ArchLinux on my workstation.

And I wanted to run a script I wrote a long time ago to support a website of mine, which I have not updated in a while. The way I would update the site is by doing some batch editing of photos, park them in a directory, and then run my script which pushes the photos to the web server, and then interfaces with the CMS software to schedule the posts and all is good.

Except the script is in perl, and it uses some modules which are not main-stream. While perl has the awesome cpan(1perl) command to fetch and install perl modules, I wanted it to be tied into pacman(8) . A quick trip to the AUR turned up the tools cpan2aur and mkaurball which made it pretty easy to package up and post the the AUR the 9 perl modules I needed to get my script going and keep track of things with pacman.


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