FreeBSD Challenge final (for now)

Something broke on the main computer. The speed when trying to run a few terminal apps, firefox, and thunderbird at the same time was appalling. I never had that sort of performance issues under ArchLinix on the same kit. I would love to take the time to debug it, but I am almost four weeks behind in dealing with my photos, including those from my trip to England, and I am getting ready to do run some training courses for work which will suck up all my free time.

I am re-installing Arch on the two laptops. I should have restored working configs in a day or two, and then I can start working on my backlog of photo and other projects.

Also, since my laptops are not supported under 10-RELEASE, I want to wait until 10.1 to see if my WLAN NICs are supported.

I still need to rebuild my server which has a failing drive (backed up the data already, just need time). I may go ahead and put 10-RELEASE on it since the NICs are fully supported.


FreeBSD Challenge, Update

Sorry about the lack of updates over the last two weeks, but my job sent me out of country for two weeks, and I had no time to work on this project. Once I unbury myself, I will return to this with a vengence. I am planning on upgrading my two servers to FreeBSD10 from Linux. One will involve a major disk reworking as one of the disks is about dead.

Stay tuned, and thanks for coming back!