Strayed from the path

In two ways…first, I have not updated the site in a while, and I
need to get back to updating it.

Second, because I have not been true to my cli roots. I have moved
from my default MUA of the last, oh, 8 years, and flirted with a GUI
MUA, thunderbird. It was pretty.
It was sexy. It let me see everything then and now. It tried to
seduce me into using a GUI for more…

But, then I got behind in my email, and it was taking longer and
longer to catch up. sigh Two days ago, I switched back, and now, I
am fully caught up on my inbox, and making headway on my actionable

cli bug/issue/task tracking system?

cli bug/issue/task tracking system?

Fresh from freshmeat:

What is DITrack? DITrack is a free, open source, lightweight, distributed issue (bug,
defect, ticket) tracking system using a [Subversion]( repository instead
of a backend database. It is written in Python and runs in UNIX
environment (*BSD, Linux, MacOS X). The project is inspired by the idea of [Subissue]( issue tracking system. However, while Subissue aims in merely replacing the traditional
database storage with Subversion repository, DITrack is a major
rethought of the issue tracking system paradigm. The main difference
is that instead of sticking to the centralized model (one database,
one web interface, one mail integration machinery), DITrack treats
underlying Subversion storage as a versioned distributed file system
which enables benefits of truly distributed operation mode.